Friends For Life


By Steve Gahagen

Our relationships have a profound impact on the direction of our lives. I once heard a leadership speaker say, “Show me your friends and what you’re reading, and I’ll show you your future.” When we speak of peer pressure we often think of adolescents. But peer pressure influences all of us in every season of life. The people we hang around with affect who we become.

“Friends For Life” may invoke the image of life-long friends. I know a guy in his 50’s who is still in touch with his 6th grade basketball team. He has the strength of relator and has an incredible gift of staying in contact with people who have crossed his path. What a gift it is if we can have a few life-long friends.

But here, when I write “Friends For Life” I have in mind the image of friends who breathe life into us - friends who are life-giving - friends who challenge us to write our best story. And of course, we must do the same for them. Not many people would say they have friends like this.

Questions to consider

Here are a few statements to help you evaluate your friendship circle. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the truth of each statement. 1 = not true and 10 = very true.

  • When I am with my friends, I generally feel more alive.

  • My friends challenge me to improve and to become my best.

  • My friends encourage me to be positive and look for the good.

  • I am confident my friends would sacrifice for my good.

  • My friends desire to be healthy and fulfill their potential.

  • My friends would challenge me if they thought I was headed in the wrong direction.

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