Dianne's Strengths Coaching Story

Dianne, an independent marketing consultant, met with a strengths coach who helped her reflect on her strengths and implement them in her life and career. Here is her story:

When I was introduced to the Play to Your Strengths concept, I was almost 20 years into my marketing career. I was pretty certain I knew what I was good at and how that impacted my day-to-day life, because I was working it every day. But Iā€™m always interested in learning something new, so I took the StrengthsFinder test.
I worked with Dr. Steve Gahagen as my coach. We reviewed my results, discussing what each of my top strengths meant and how they might play out in real life. But with Steve's pertinent questions and discussion, I began to see how the strengths that had helped develop my successful marketing career could lead me beyond that to bigger dreams.
Armed with a deeper understanding of my strengths through the Play to Your Strengths progam, I was able to turn what had seemed a mere fantasy into a reality. I have written and published my first book - an adventure story for middle grade kids - and have begun research to write several more adventures. Play to Your Strengths coaching helped me not only dream bigger, but make those dreams happen.