Student Leadership Training with Mission Minneapolis


In July 2018, Play to Your Strengths partnered with Mission Minneapolis to create a strengths-based leadership and service opportunity for two teams that came from Michigan and Indiana. Sixty-eight students (primarily in high school) and sponsors participated in the two week-long events.

Teams were trained to understand and articulate their strengths, as well as develop a greater understanding of the strengths of their team. Throughout the week they had opportunities to put their strengths into action as they served others.

The teams made and served breakfast to over 400 homeless people, helped renovate an urban church that serves the poor, helped raise money to support clean water projects in Africa, and talked to nearly 1,000 people to learn about their stories and opinions on the needs of our community.


One student, Tessany, reflected on the week:

"I loved learning about my strengths and learning that who I am as a person is actually a good thing. I knew these things about myself before but couldn't put a name to them or didn't view them as a gift.”