Summer 2019 Student Interns

For the past six weeks Play To Your Strengths has been working with four high school age interns. These young leaders met on Mondays and Tuesdays in June and July to gather interviews from local leaders and community members. Interviews included senior adults, tradespeople, artists and musicians, pastors, a local police sergeant, and many others. These interns were recruited from our mentoring clubs in local schools. When they first entered our program they didn’t have a positive picture of their identity. The weekly work with them in Play To Your Strengths prepared them for this massive leap in leadership development. Through the internship experience these students learned more about their personal strengths and demonstrated the value of each person's story. Through their efforts we were able to send many adults a summary of their life story, which in some cases was extremely moving.

A highlight of the interns' time together was a trip to Oshkosh, WI to attend Lifest music festival. The students met with key leaders in towns along the way to increase the impact of our programs. Students also had the opportunity to plan a special launch event of our Tuesday night program called CONNECT. Their leadership growth this summer was huge!

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