Interview with our Summer Interns

This summer Play To Your Strengths partnered with Prairie Oak Community Church to invest in four young adult interns. For eight weeks Destiny, Julia, Jordan, and Nolan learned about their personal strengths and had many leadership opportunities to serve and teach others. We interviewed them at the close of their internship to find out what they learned and how they grew.



Which of your Top 5 Strengths best describes you?

Destiny: Individualization because I love connecting with people.

Julia: Positivity because I can make light of any situation.

Jordan: Communication as it is something I have to do on a daily basis whether it is at work or family life.

Nolan: Competition is what I use most and when I do, it is obvious.

What is a leadership lesson you learned in this internship?

Destiny: It is okay to step outside of your box and when you do, good experiences happen.

Julia: Walk the walk. You are a role model for everyone who is following you or who is under your leadership.

Jordan: Patience!

Nolan: There are different ways to be a leader. You can be a vocal leader and encourage people, but you can also be a leader just by going about what you do with hard work.

What is something you’ve learned about yourself through this internship?

Destiny: I can use my strengths and apply them to different situations. Each one is not just focusing on my own goals but other people’s goals and getting stuff done. There is more to it--your strengths aren’t finite.

Julia: I am naturally good at my strengths. That was something I didn’t look at before. Just being confident in my strengths and knowing that this is what I am naturally gifted at.

Jordan: I have never worked with kids before so this was an interesting experience for me. I didn’t know that I can connect with kids. It was a great experience for me to do that.

Nolan: Learning about your strengths is one of the most important things to do in terms of learning how to use them successfully and using them in the world to help people.

Rachael Ingersol