Women's Retreat in Bloomington, MN


On Saturday, November 3rd we led a Strengths Workshop for nearly one hundred women at St. Michael's Lutheran Church in Bloomington. For this annual women’s breakfast, we encouraged women to appreciate and apply their unique strengths. The ladies enjoyed small group discussions and relationship-building activities.

One woman’s story demonstrates the impact of Strengths at any age. As were discussing the beauty of each person’s unique gifts, a woman in her late 80s began to cry. She happily expressed that she had taken for granted her abilities for many years, but was encouraged by the group’s affirmation of strengths. She had felt that her talents of Empathy, Developer, and a heart for hospitality were not significant, but when given time to reflect she realized the power and value in her caring. This woman was given a new lens with which to view herself.

One of our valuable tools is the Talent in Action Survey, which encourages participants to send a brief set of questions about their strengths to their friends, family, or colleagues. Sending this questionnaire can feel vulnerable, as adults don’t often seek positive feedback. However, participants are greatly rewarded when they receive compliments from those who are close to them.

During this workshop, one woman received a remarkable response from her husband. He clearly articulated his wife’s strengths and how she brought focus, depth, and warmth to their family. This affirmation meant so much to her, she planned to save it.

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