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Individual and Family Strengths coaching

One-on-one coaching to help you develop your strengths for greater success.

We offer Strengths-based coaching focused on:

  • Personal development
  • Career
  • Parenting
  • College preparation
  • Marriage and relationships

Minneapolis Personal & Family Strengths Coaching


Personal Coaching

A certified strengths coach will help you explore your strengths and develop strategies to use your strengths more effectively at work, in relationships, and for personal growth.

Cost: $125 for a 1-hour session with email follow-up (Includes CliftonStrengths Assessment and report)


Student Coaching

Our personal coaches help high school and college students clearly articulate their strengths when preparing for college admittance or entering the job market.

Cost: $125 for a 1-hour session (Includes CLiftonStrengths Assessment and report)

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Parent Coaching

A coach will help you understand your child's unique strengths so you can better support and encourage him/her.

Cost: $125 for a 1-hour session with email follow-up (Includes child's strengths assessment)


Couples' Coaching

Strengths coaching will help you and your partner understand how you compliment each other and identify potential areas of conflict. It is a fun experience that can help you rediscover and appreciate your partner's strengths.

Cost: $250 for two 1-hour sessions (Includes CliftonStrengths Assessments and follow-up exercises)*

*Coaching with additional work may qualify for MN marriage license discount

Contact us to discuss personal coaching options for you or your family.

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