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Play to your Strengths

discover your strengths. Imagine the possibilities. write a life-giving story.

We offer Strengthsfinder training and coaching for schools, businesses, churches, and individuals.


Minneapolis Strengthsfinder Leadership Coaching

Why It's Important

Understanding your unique strengths empowers you to greater success.

Working within your strengths produces energy and passion.

Teams that embrace their strengths are more engaged and productive.

Young people who develop a strengths mindset can overcome negative messages and use their strengths to make a difference.

We can help you and your team understand and maximize your strengths.

How it works

Our interactive Strengths Workshops and Retreats help organizations foster a strengths-based culture. We creatively incorporate strengths instruction, small group discussions, and team-building components to help people develop their individual strengths and understand the strengths of others.

Personal strengths coaches help individuals and families explore and apply their strengths.



Play to Your Strengths has created valuable lessons to encourage students to utilize their strengths in the present as well as in the future. This group meets once or twice a month and I am repeatedly stopped in the hallway with students asking, ‘When is the next meeting?’ filled with excitement and anticipation of the fun we have. A retreat for our students was also developed this fall and included a half-day of strengths work. It was an amazing day that students are still talking about!
— Nicki Magaard - School Counselor, Roosevelt Middle School
I loved learning about my strengths and learning that who I am as a person is actually a good thing. I knew these things about myself before but couldn’t put a name to them or didn’t view them as a gift.
— Student
We have had the pleasure of having a couple of different workshops at our company. Our employees learned a lot about themselves and each other. From a management perspective, we were able to put members of our team in a better position to succeed after learning about their strengths and applying them to their role in our company. I would definitely recommend this training for your team!
— Tim Urness - President, Royal Business Forms & Printing
… with Dr. Steve Gahagen’s pertinent questions and discussion, I began to see how the strengths that had helped develop my successful marketing career could lead me beyond that to bigger dreams... Play to Your Strengths coaching helped me not only dream bigger, but make those dreams happen.
— Dianne Novak

Highlight: Schools

Empower students to reach their full potential.

One of our greatest passions is encouraging students to be confident in their unique abilities and to use their strengths to make a positive difference in the world.

Our Strengths Retreats energize students as they articulate their strengths and discover the strengths of their peers.

Many students receive negative messages from peers and on social media. We provide tools for students to develop a positive strengths language. With confidence in who they are, students can overcome negative messages.

Our goal is to partner with businesses so that our work with young people is affordable for any school.


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