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Empower students to reach their full potential.

One of our greatest passions is encouraging students to be confident in their unique abilities and use their strengths to make a difference in the world.

Our Strengths Retreats, Mentoring Clubs, and workshops equip young people to maximize their strengths in school, relationships, and daily life.


Minneapolis Strengths Retreats for Schools


Our high-energy, interactive retreats help students become more confident in their strengths and appreciate the strengths of their peers.

student learning objectives

  • Understand the concept of strengths and identify individual strengths

  • Consider how to apply individual strengths in schools, everyday life, and to help others

  • Discover and appreciate the diverse strengths of others

Retreat Components

Our retreats are creatively designed to be fun and engaging. Activities include:

  • Strengths instruction
  • Strengths stories from community leaders
  • Small group discussions
  • Team challenges
  • Follow-up resources

Retreat options

We offer retreats for any age group. If an off-site retreat is desired, we have access to a space for up to 100 students.

Cost: $1,200 for a 3-4 hour retreat + $10 per student for strengths Assessment (optional but recommended)

Donations and business partnerships allow us to offer retreats at an affordable rate.

Contact us to discuss a retreat for your school.


Strengths Mentoring Clubs

Strengths Mentoring Clubs are an opportunity for students to spend time developing their strengths in a small group format. Through one-on-one conversations with our leaders and small group activities, students learn to apply their strengths and develop relationships with other students.

Club components

We provide Strengths Mentoring Clubs for any age group. Clubs meet for 8 weeks and include:

  • Individual StrengthsExplorer assessment, identifying top 5 strengths
  • Strengths instruction
  • Strengths stories from community leaders
  • Engaging activities and team-building games
  • Small group discussions
  • Resources for understanding and communicating strengths

Staff Strengths Workshops

Our staff workshops help teachers and school leaders become more effective and fulfilled in their work as they focus their strengths. We also train teachers on how to incorporate strengths in the classroom.

Workshop components

Play to Your Strengths Workshop (3 hours):

  • Individual CliftonStrengths assessment and report
  • Strengths overview and instruction on top 5 strengths
  • Small group discussions
  • Interactive strengths exercises and team-building activities

Play to Your Student's Strengths Workshop (Additional 2-3 hours):

  • Identifying and affirming the strengths of students
  • Incorporating strengths into the classroom

Parent Workshops

Include parents as you develop a strengths culture at your school. We teach parents how to support and encourage their children by focusing on their natural areas of strength.


Sports Teams & Clubs

We provide customized workshop for sports teams, clubs, and other school groups that help students understand their strengths, discover the strengths of team members, and enhance teamwork.

Contact us to discuss a Strengths Retreat and other training opportunities for your school.

PLAy to your strengths - connect


CONNECT is a fun, safe, community for 6th-12th grade students. We meet Tuesday evenings from 6-8pm at Prairie Oak Church in Andover. CONNECT helps us grow in confidence and leadership while forming lasting friendships. Free transportation, dinner, games, teaching, and small group discussion time.

For more information call 612-234-7201 or email

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