Awe and Wonder

By Steve Gahagen


A sense of wonder and awe is a precious gift. Little kids have it, which is why they are so curious to discover. Everything is new and fascinating.

I recently discovered a deceased big horned owl outside my office window. It apparently flew into the glass and broke its neck. Its body was otherwise in perfect condition. Although I was saddened that this beautiful creature had lost its life so meaninglessly, probably chasing a mouse or chipmunk, I was in awe with its spectacular design - the softness of its feathers and the strength of its talons. Amazing! Perfectly fitted for its role in nature!

I love to help people experience moments in which they realize how spectacularly they have been put together and how they can use their talents and strengths to make a difference in the lives of others. Everyone should have a moment when, instead of focusing on what we lack, we see how unique and magnificent we are.

Many people we at Play to Your Strengths have worked with, whether adults or students, do not see themselves with a sense of awe. I always tell young people that they have something to offer and the world needs them to offer it. It is a great moment when people realize how valuable they are.

You have something to offer. The way you have been put together is amazing. There are reasons why certain activities cause you to you lose all sense of time and fill you with passion. Look at the way you’re wired with wonder and awe. It’s contagious.

Questions to consider

I encourage you to discuss these questions around the office water cooler or home dinner table. You can breathe life into people in your sphere of influence as you ask them to share their thoughts.

  1. What are three positive words that others would use to describe you?

  2. What are two of your greatest talents?

  3. What are two amazing things about you?

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