Get Rid of Superficial Family Gatherings Once And For All

By Steve Gahagen


Ever wish you could have a real conversation with your family about important things in life? Do you ever tire of talking about sports, the weather, shopping or the latest political divide? Though many in our culture have become experts at showcasing their lives on social media like a reality TV star, when it comes to face to face communication we rarely break the surface. It’s hard and usually requires risk on someone’s part. Families like mine often show love through sarcasm, which may make positive and direct affirmations feel awkward.

We have designed a few question sheets that can help a family have breakthrough conversation moments. We have designed them around holidays, but honestly they could be used anytime. There is something about the exercise being an assignment that takes a little pressure off of the person facilitating it. And though it may be rough at first, we have seen it lead to breakthrough moments time and time again.

Questions to consider

If you would like a PDF of one of our discussion sheets, send us an email and indicate that you would like to receive one. Here are a few questions that work very well:

  1. Two things you’re grateful for

  2. Two positive words you would use to describe the people around the table (if if a larger gathering), the person on your right

  3. A recent success

  4. Something you’re looking forward to

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