Your Power Is In Your Uniqueness

By Steve Gahagen

Wings Like Towns

In the picture above my granddaughter (age 2) is seeing how she measures up to Karl Anthony Towns of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Her wing span has a ways to go and she is as tall as his knees. The stark contrast is hilarious. There’s no way she can measure up to Karl Anthony Towns.

Yet, in an absurd way, the picture reveals a temptation that threatens our ability to be uniquely us. If we are not careful, we can spend our whole lives comparing ourselves to others or cultural standards of success. And in today’s world, social media has given us a platform to compare ourselves with others 24/7.

Our genius in in our uniqueness, not in our sameness. The magnetic pull to fit in and conform must be resisted if we are to embrace and live out who we are meant to be. Our weirdness (in a positive sense) is what sets us apart and is the key to making a positive difference in the world.

Steven Spielberg had dyslexia that went undiagnosed for years, so he wasn’t a great student. His parents divorced when he was in high school. He had trouble completing tasks - at least those he didn’t enjoy. His mom bought him a camera and allowed him the opportunity to make small movies, which he loved. Embracing his uniqueness turned out pretty well.

Questions to consider

I encourage you to discuss these questions around the office water cooler or home dinner table. You can breathe life into people in your sphere of influence as you ask them to share their thoughts.

  1. How are you unique?

  2. What are positive hot buttons in your life (things you’re passionate about)?

  3. If you could do anything to make a difference in the world, what would you love to do? Why not do it?

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